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Flow NanoAnalyzer CYTO 2016

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Flow NanoAnalyzer: A new star of Flow Cytometer in CYTO 2016, Seattle

As the fast development of flow cytometric techniques, more and more researchers started to use flow cytomters in their scientific research. From June 11st to 15th, CYTO 2016, the 31st Congress of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) was held in the beautiful coastal city Seattle. The ISAC serves a multidisciplinary community by leading technological innovation, scholarship, and the exchange of knowledge in the quantitative cell sciences to advance the impact of flow cytometry.

NanoFCM Co., Ltd. was proud to introduce our newest flow cytometer instrument, Flow NanoAnalyzer at booth 919, CYTO 2016, and real-time sample running and data processing were also demonstrated. Implementing strategies for single-molecule fluorescence detection in a sheathed flow,  Flow NanoAnalyzer features an unmatched combination of ultra sensitivity and spatial resolution, which makes Flow NanoAnalyzer the best flow cytometric instrument for single nanoparticle analysis. The unprecedented performance of Flow NanoAnalyzer have drawn the attention of many flow cytometric experts, suppliers, distributors. These attendees were much impressed by our instrument, and provided some positive responses.


The photograph of CEO (left) and the President (right) at the booth

Introducing Flow NanoAnalyzer to the researchers

Communicating with the attendees that are interested in our instrument

Moreover, the president, professor Xiaomei Yan was invited to a workshop named with "Sub-micron and Nano-particle Characterization, Detection, and Analysis in Flow Cytometry", she talked about employing Flow NanoAnalyzer for the analysis of naturally occurring microvesicles, exosomes and synthetic functional nanoparticles at single particle level, which triggered a intense response..
After communicating with many potential partners, NanoFCM Co., Ltd. will start a global cooperation program to promote the product. At present, NanoFCM officially launched Flow NanoAnalyzer, and soon the customers could apply for demo. In the meantime, product launch in Asia, North America, and Europe has started. The exhibition in CYTO 2016 is regarded as the beginning of market promotion process.
About Flow NanoAnalyzer
Implementing strategies for single-molecule fluorescence detection in a sheathed flow, NanoFCM provides a versatile and powerful platform —— Flow NanoAnalyzer for the multiparameter analysis of functional nanoparticles (7-500 nm) at the single-particle level. By precise quantification of the ultraweak elastically scattered light from single nanoparticles, high-resolution size distribution comparable to that of electron microscopy can be acquired in 1~2 minutes. Biochemical properties of single nanoparticles can be analyzed via concurrent multi-color fluorescence detection. Flow NanoAnalyzer is therefore expected to become a powerful tool for life science, nanoscience and nanotechnology studies.